Reverse Mortgage Videos

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This video explains how a reverse mortgage lends you money against the value owned in your home.
This video shows the types of homes that may qualify for a reverse mortgage
This video compares how reverse mortgages and home equity loans both use equity as collateral.
As this video shows, reverse mortgages do NOT encumber heirs or estates with debts.
This short video explains the factors on which reverse mortgage loan amounts are based.
Payment schedules and restrictions for a reverse mortgage are explained in this short video.
As this video explains, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage with an existing mortgage on the home.
Learn how reverse mortgage payments bear on Social Security, Medicare, SSI and Medicaid.
Understand the circumstance in which you might consider alternatives to a reverse mortgage.
Get a clear picture of reverse mortgage interest from this short video.
Learn about HUD’s HECM mortgage insurance guidelines in this short video.
Get a clear picture of the events upon which a reverse mortgage is called and payable.

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